The major advantages of Poweroins

Poweroins act as a status symbol, coin and an algorithm to your profile. 

Status symbol - Number of Poweroins of a user as a single value can determine a detailed ideas about the strength of that user in Poweroins social media network, instead of checking a user all factors such as number of followers, likes or any other features separately, 

Coin- Poweroins is currently integrating with many of the shopping carts from food to online trading. The Poweroins coin can be unlimitedly and unrestrictedly exchanged with the e-commerce services offered in the network. Poweroins coins offer an INR value against the advertisement potential it creates in the network. Poweroins values are multiplied by the age of poweroins.

How to redeem Poweroins?

Algorithm- Anyone and any post can be viral in Poweroins faster than any current social media/networking platforms with the help of Poweroins algorithm. It is simple as the number of Poweroins increase the reach of the user/page/group/content automatically increase rapidly.

So earn more Poweroins to develop your social status, followers, impressions and ultimately convert your time to a money value.

How to earn Poweroins rapidly?

  • Referring others to
  • By PRO following as many people you can
  • Being active in
  • Posting interesting contents regularly.
  • By increasing your followers count

1.Referring others to

Each user earns 1 poweroins every time a user or user referrals refer someone to This pyramid format is a multilevel poweroins earning platform and earnings are free for all.

Poweroins have a quick registration process and just another social media advanced with gamification. So more users you add through referral links more Poweroins is added to you and you become more SOCIALLY POWERFUL. Build your empire through Poweroins.

2. By PRO Following as many people you can

PRO- following a user in Poweroins is a unique feature design compared with other social media networking platforms. A PRO- followed user or a PRO Follower is not just sharing a performer-spectator relationship in Poweroins. “In short, you can get a share of Poweroins from the people you follow. This is called shared Poweroins. So more people you follow, you will receive more Poweroins”. PRO- Follow and support your PRO Follow profile to earn more Poweroins rapidly.

Tips - PRO Following and Free Pro-Following - Pro following costs you 2 Poweroins for each month. It means pro following validity is set to 30 days and next month profollowing a user costs you another 2 poweroins. But you can find free pro follow accounts from here (pro follow these accounts free and earn the share from their earnings)

Pro-follow people with PSR (Poweroins Shared Ratio) value more than 2.0 will help you end in profit after 30 days. Find the users/pages with most PSR value (hyperlink).

3. Being active

Stay active in Poweroins means, posts contents regularly, Follow/PRO Follow, Like/dislikes posts etc will increase your Poweroins strength and raise your position in the leaderboard

4. Posting interesting contents regularly. (To earn Poweroins for your post, first you need to reach the 20 poweroins limit)

Posting interesting contents will generate more poweroins for you and your followers. This will eventually attract more people to pro-follow  you and that will again help you to earn more Poweroins. “Even if someone share your post, you will still gets the likes and points of that post to your account”

5. By increasing your followers count

More people following you means you will get more Poweroins for your posts. You will get more followers as per the position raise you achieve in the leaderboard

Benefits of earning Poweroins. (hyperlink)

PRO Follow

PRO Following a User/page will help you to earn a share of their new earned Poweroins. Every time  a user/ page earns an earned Poweroins, the equal amount will split and divide among the PRO Followers. PRO Following a new user (within first 30 days) and Free PRO Follow accounts are FREE. All other PRO Follows will cost deduction of 2 PWS (Poweroins)

PWS is the base form of Poweroins. All the Poweroins aging less than 30 days will be calculated under PWS. There is no selling value for PWS. More higher Poweroins are rated by star value.

PWS* is the Poweroins aging between 31 days - 180 days. Minimum selling value for PWS* is INR 0.53

PWS*** is the Poweroins aging between 181 Days - 2 Years. Minimum selling value for PWS*** is INR 1.06

PWS# is the highest valued Poweroins aging between 181 Days - 2 Years. Minimum selling value for PWS*** is INR  INR 5.3

PSR - Poweroins Sharing Ratio

PSR value indicates the potential average Poweroins the user or page can share to its PRO Followers within the next 30 days.

Good Practice:- PRO Follow people with PSR value more than 2.0 Post Boost


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