Welcome to Version 2.0

Dear Member,

Poweroins.com is pleased to announce the launch of our 2.0 version on November 1st, 2020. We would like to honour our initial users on this occasion with a token of appreciation that you can show as the address to your online habitat on your favourite spot.

Poweroins.com would be the excellent option for you to create your online life. As it can appeal to all your entertainment needs, the app is absolutely gamified. Refer to your mates, Follow and Pro Follow maximum active users, express your likeness to the actions of others, create your own custom pages and groups to generate maximum Poweroins. Not only is it a virtual image, but you can also encash it with real money. As the number of active days increases in your log book, you will get full cash value for it.

To trigger your powered features, sign in today yourself and verify your account by providing your basic ID credentials. We are proud to give you the maximum privileges of a user of Poweroins.com via our powered features (Need to check your account before October 31, otherwise you have to cross 20 Poweroins to enjoy the full privileges. Towards the next section we stated the list of privileges).

See you at Poweroins.com. Thanks again for your trust and support on Poweroins.com.

All the best

Cyril Roy


Poweroins Web Solutions